Image Projector-Artograph Tracer

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ARTOTR ARTOTR ARTOGRAPH TRACER IMAGE PROJECTOR. A blend of simple design and Artograph quality provide the student, artist or crafter with an effective, time-saving tool. Sketches, patterns, photos, graphics, crafts, fabric decorations and small three-dimensional objects can easily be projected onto a wall or easel for fast and easy viewing or tracing. Portable, it weighs only 1.3 kg. Simply place the projector on top of the image or object, push the on/off switch, and the image is instantly and clearly projected. The Tracer can project both color and black and white images. The maximum original artwork size of 13x13cm (5x5 inch) can be enlarged up to 14 times its original size. No set-up or assembly is required. It operates silently and uses a single-element 200 mm optical glass lens. The projector comes with a 23 watt fluorescent bulb that has a maximum illumination equivalent to a 100 watt incandescent light. NB.The Tracer projector does not have a cooling fan. 0 Login For Price
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