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Adhesive Pastes

Colourcraft Cellulose Adhesive is ideal for papier-mache', paper lamination, sizing in marbling and general art and craft use. Acid-free, non-toxic and free of oil, solvents and volatile organic compounds. Mix Cellulose adhesive with water to form a paste. Sprinkle 10gms into 500ml water. Stir briskly to avoid lumps, leave for 24 hours to dissolve completely. Use less or more depending on required consistency.

Edvantage Ready Paste is a non-toxic, starch based, washable, general purpose, classroom adhesive. Dries clear - ideal for paper and cardboard.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CMC045 COLOURCRAFT CELLULOSE POWDER ADHESIVE 45g BAG. When added to 5 litres of water, this cellulose powder produces an economical paper and/or cardboard adhesive. 0 Login For Price
CMC100 ^CELLULOSE ADHESIVE 100g. 1 Login For Price
PAST5000 *EDVANTAGE READY PASTE ADHESIVE 5 Litre. This 5 litre bottle will accept a 38mm nech plastic dispenser pump. (PUMP38). 6 Login For Price
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