Adhesives & Cutting

Glue Pens

Glue Pens provide a quick and precise method of applying glue into the exact area where it is required. The double-sided INSTANT glue pens feature 10mm and 2mm wide applicators. For an even more precise line, the Sakura Quickie Glue Pen will give a line thickness is 0.6mm at normal writing speed. 

Instant Safety Data Sheets

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
DG10761 DG10761 INSTANT EDUCA TRANSPARENT LIQUID GLUE 35ml. Double-ended dispenser featuring both 10mm and fine 2mm wide applicators. The washable clear adhesive does not wrinkle paper and is suitable for both school and home use. 225 Login For Price
XONB11 XONB11 SAKURA QUICKIE GLUE PEN Box 12. The ideal dual-purpose glue for all papercrafting activities. Will make a permanent bond when used whilst the wet glue remains a pale blue colour and becomes a temporary or repositional glue after it dries clear. 0 Login For Price
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