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Foamboard Cutters

FoamWerks Rabbet Cutter: Allows you to create perfect adjoining foam board joints. The innovative ergonomic construction and dual blade action create one-stroke finished results. It features on-board blade storage and includes two blades. Use as either a right-handed push style or left-handed pull style action.
FoamWerks Straight Cutter: Features adjustable blade depth quick change blade clip magnetic blade slot on-board blade storage drawer and five blades.
FoamWerks Circle Mat Cutter: Allows you to cut perfect circles from 2.5 to 152mm diameters. Centre depth indicator shows blade progression for board depths from 3.2 to 12.7mm. Features rail centering pin, magnetic blade slot and clear acrylic safety dome. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
804200126 804200126 FOAMWERKS BLADES - A- Pack 5. Replacement blades for the Circle cutter. 1 Login For Price
804200326 804200326 FOAMWERKS SPARE BLADES - C- Pack 5. The WC style blade fits the Straight Cutter, Straight/Bevel Cutter, Rabbet Cutter, and V-Groove Cutter. 1 Login For Price
804204010 804204010 FOAMWERKS RABBET MAT CUTTER C4010.The Rabbet Cutter works with 5mm foam board. Use WC replacement blades. 2 Login For Price
804206001 804206001 FOAMWERKS STRAIGHT MAT CUTTER C6001. Cut perfect straight edges on any depth of foam board from 3.2 to 12.7mm. Use with FoamWerks Channel Rail Logan Adapt-A-Rule or Team System. Use WC replacement blades. 1 Login For Price
804208001 804208001 FOAMWERKS CIRCLE MAT CUTTER WA 8001. Use WA replacement blades. 1 Login For Price
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