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Fabric Adhesives & Glues

High performance, premium fabric adhesives for bonding many types of fabrics and material.

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BDOTA4 BONDADOT PERMANENT ADHESIVE A4 - Pack 4. Enhance all your textile, craft and art projects Bondadot - a permanent iron-on transfer adhesive. 15 Login For Price
BWEB BONDAWEB TRANSFER ADHESIVE 90cm WIDE. Bondaweb is a permanent iron-on transfer adhesive on fusible fleece, which bonds one fabric to another. Sold per metre. 141 Login For Price
DG16690 *INSTANT #19 TEXTILE/FABRIC ADHESIVE 30ml. Use on cotton or polyester cotton, wool, felt, jeans or corduroy, covers, sunshades, overalls, tents, etc. Long lasting, clean, flexible and seamless. Once dry it is clear. It resists washing and ironing. 140 Login For Price
FG125 HELMAR FABRIC GLUE 125ml Solvent based. Helmar Fabric Glue is a high performance premium adhesive for bonding many types of fabrics and materials. Ideal for use with lamp shades, bridal wear, hats, doll making and many other craft applications. Dries crystal clear,flexible, machine washable and sets quickly. 34 Login For Price
FRAS125 FRAY STOP 125ml BOTTLE. Good for permanently stopping raw fabric edges from fraying. Ideal for use on hems and seams to prevent fraying instead of, or in conjunction with, machine over locking. Dries very quickly. Remains completely flexible after drying. Won t crack. Can be machine-washed. 0 Login For Price
ID5920755 MAIMERI IDEA WATER-BASED FABRIC GLUE 125ml. This ready to use,water-based,breathable fabric medium is perfect for gluing fabric to fabric and paper to fabric. 4 Login For Price
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