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804011900 *LOGAN SIMPLEX #703 V MAT CUTTER. This unique cutter is used for adding decorative grooves to mountboards. Features push-pull design principles producing crisp clean v-grooves without overcuts. Adjustable from 1-2mm in width. Designed for use with the Logan Simplex mount cutters. Adaptor required for Compact. 1 Login For Price
BLADE3002 Repacement Blades for Ledah 300 Trimmer. Wavy 1 Login For Price
BLADE3003 Repacement Blades for Ledah 300 Trimmer. Deckle 1 Login For Price
PAPC3690 *FOME DECKLE EDGE PAPER CUTTER 70cm. The Fome Artistic" Paper Cutter is unique. It employs a simple effective and creative design to "cut" artist's paper to look like its been hand torn or semi-deckled. Lends a high degree of professionalism to your finished artwork - quickly simply and inexpensively. The cutter incorporates a solid base frame a cutting guide and an adjustable cutting wire which creates different types of "cut" . Maximum paper size is 70cm (approx. 27.5" ) and weighs 10kg." 2 Login For Price
ROLTPB558 *DAHLE #558/A0 PRESSURE BAR. Replacement Dahle plastic pressure bar for model 558 1 Login For Price
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