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Rotary Wheel Cutters & Blades

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
BR9380 FISKARS CIRCLE CUTTER 2.4- 20cm DIAMETER. Perfect tool for cutting fabric circles for quilts and appliqu from 2.4cm to 20cm in diameter. Includes 2 blades. 1 Login For Price
BR9382 FISKARS CIRCLE CUTTER BLADES (ONLY) Pack 2. Spare blades to suit Fiskars circle cutter BR9380. 0 Login For Price
ER4097 *REPLACEMENT 45mm ROTARY CUTTER BLADE. Blade to suit 45mm Rotary Cutter item RULC4186 0 Login For Price
ROTCSET *ROTARY CUTTER, RULER & MAT SET Includes a quality Olfa, large rotary cutter with 45mm blade, plus lightweight cutting mat - 110 x 380mm. 1 Login For Price
ROTWBL ROTARY CUTTER REPLACEMENT BLADE LARGE (45mm)Pk1. Replacement Blades - To suit large rotary wheel cutter. 4 Login For Price
ROTWBS ^ROTARY CUTTER REPLACEMENT BLADE SMALL (28mm) Pk2. Replacement Blades - To suit small rotary wheel cutter- pack of 2. 2 Login For Price
ROTWCL ROTARY WHEEL CUTTER LARGE 45mm. A 45mm circular tungsten steel disc-type blade in a lightweight plastic handle. Other details as above. This larger cutter is better suited to heavy duty fabrics and longer cuts. 2 Login For Price
ROTWCS ^ROTARY WHEEL CUTTER SMALL (28mm). A 28mm circular tungsten steel disc-type blade in a lightweight plastic handle. Cutting depth can be adjusted for thin or thick materials. Automatic safety guard protects the blade. For cutting cloth, leather, vinyl, film or paper. 0 Login For Price
RULC4186 *ROTARY MULTICUT RULER & CUTTER. A 45mm Rotary Cutter that is ideal for use with fabric or paper. Unlike normal Rotary Cutters the blade is fully enclosed and fixed to the guide. When you have finished cutting the blade retracts safely out of the way and the cutter system limits the cutting depth. The long 27.5 (70cm) surface enables cutting of an entire width of a standard patchwork fabric bolt. It has easy to read measurements at 1/8 and 1" increments with 30 45 and 60 angles." 0 Login For Price
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