Encaustic Art Books

The use of beeswax as a painting medium has created images that have lasted over 2,000 years. These books provide tips and techniques so you can easily create beautiful and impressive works of art relatively quickly and simply. 

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ENCABK32 ENCABK32 ENCAUSTIC ART GUIDE BOOKLET. A comprehensive 32 page full colour booklet detailing all the Encuastic Art products and providing easy to understand information. A great beginners guide with lots of images and enough text to provide enough knowledge to experiment with basic techniques and illustrate the full potential of Encaustic Art. 2 Login For Price
SP13048 SP13048 ENCAUSTIC ART - PAINTING WAX ENCAUSTIC ART -PAINTING WITH WAX. Michael Bossom explains how to get started in Encaustic Painting, from the tools needed to the basic techniques of smoothing, dabbing, marking and working with the point of the iron. He shows how to create simple abstracts, impressive landscapes, fantasy paintings and more. Clear instructions, helpful tips and step by step photographs build the reader's skills, working from simple techniques through to impressive effects with wax. Finally, learn indirect wax transfer methods to produce beautiful, delicate works of art. Perfect for beginners to encaustic art, with plenty to inspire experienced artists to hone their skills and branch out. 0 Login For Price
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