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Marabu Childrens Brushes

Marabu KiDS craft accessories are perfectly adapted to the requirements of children. Marabu KiDS provides young craft enthusiasts with everything they need for their hobby. Guaranteed success for any work of art. All handles are guaranteed FSC timber. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
MC318002 MC318002 MARABU KIDS JUNIOR STARTER PAINT BRUSH. The Marabu Starter brush is perfect for small child's first attempt go at painting. The ergonomic shape of the handle is adapted to a child's hand and allows for easy guiding of the brush 8 Login For Price
MC318003 MC318003 MARABU KIDS BASIC PAINT BRUSH SET OF 4. Multi-purpose brush set ideal for junior school and hobby painters. Includes flat white bristle brushes in sizes 8 & 12 plus 2 round synthetic fibre brushes in sizes 4 and 8.. 16 Login For Price
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