Clay Slab Rollers

Slab Rollers allow for quick and efficient production of clay slabs used in handbuilding and sculpting, and as additions to wheel-thrown forms. Clay slab rollers are essentially industrial-sized rolling pins - however, the benefits of using a slab roller over are a rolling pin are numerous. One of the main reasons that artists use clay slab rollers is for the even, consistent slabs they can create very quickly. These slabs are ideal for making tiles, using with slump and hump molds, and for creating other handbuilt ceramic wares. Slab rollers can also roll out very large amounts of clay, which would otherwise be tedious or impossible with an handheld rolling pin. Additionally, clay slab rollers are designed such that back pain or strain, which often accompanies rolling slabs by hand, can be avoided.


Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
SLAROLG SLAROLG #VENCO LARGE CLASSROOM/STUDIO POTTERY CLAY SLAB ROLLER. This large slab roller will easily roll up to 7.5cm thick clay slabs. An indicator shows the adjustment of the rollers so that slabs may easily be duplicated at any time. The extremely stable frame is made from galvanised steel and then powder coated making it very durable even in classroom conditions. The large diameter operator handle makes for easy rolling and roller comes with durable canvas sheets. Roller measures 1270mm L x 900mmW x 760mm H. Roller width: 600mm. Weight: 70kg 0 Login For Price
SLAROTT SLAROTT VENCO TABLETOP CLAY SLAB ROLLER. Small and lightweight, it can be placed on a desk or work bench, making it perfect for the art classroom, studio or home potter. It has been manufactured with a double roller gear drive for easy rolling and it?s 460mm roller width means it is more than enough for most classroom and studio requirements. will roll slabs up to 75mm thick. The removable side tables are made from durable waterproof plywood. 1300L x 350W x 560mmH. Weight: 35kg 2 Login For Price
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