Kiln Furniture

Use Kiln Batts for heavier loads at biscuit or earthenware temperatures or lighter loads at stoneware temperatures.

Kiln Props are are hollow, tubular props of 44mm diameter available in various lengths. This series of props is recommended for use at earthenware and low stoneware temperatures up to a maximum of 13500C.

Use Kiln Wash on kiln shelves when firing glazed pieces to reduce glaze pick-up and so facilitate removal of glaze drippings from shelves. In approximately 500mls of water gradually add 1kg of kiln wash powder and allow the wash to absorb the water for about one minute. Stir the mixture and add enough water to reach the same consistency as your normal house paint. With a paint brush, paint the kiln bat in one direction and let dry. Then paint again in the opposite direction and let dry. Finally paint the bat again in another direction and when dry the bat is ready to be used in the kiln.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
KILB300 KILB300 KILN BATT/SHELF 305 x 305 x 12.7mm. 2 Login For Price
KILB406 KILB406 KILN BATT/SHELF 400 x 400 x 20mm 4 Login For Price
KILP01 KILP01 KILN PROP 45mm Diameter x 25mm. Series T175 5 Login For Price
KILP02 KILP02 KILN PROP 45mm Diameter x 50mm. Series T175 0 Login For Price
KILP03 KILP03 KILN PROP 45mm Diameter x 75mm. Series T175 2 Login For Price
KILP04 KILP04 KILN PROP 45mm Diameter x 101mm. Series T175 2 Login For Price
KILP06 KILP06 KILN PROP 45mm Diameter x 152mm. Series T175 5 Login For Price
KILP08 KILP08 KILN PROP 45mm Diameter x 203mm. Series T175 1 Login For Price
KILP10 KILP10 KILN PROP 45mm Diameter x 254mm. Series T175 3 Login For Price
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