Ceramic Printing Kit

A starter ceramic printing kit for underglaze transfer printing with StencilPro standard and hi-res films. Everything you need for printing onto greenware, bisque, fired and glazed items, including film, frames and squeegees is contained within this kit so you can start printing straight away. EZIscreen is a quick, safe, simple and effective way to print onto ceramics. There are no coating emulsions required and designs can be exposed instantly under sunlight or fluorescent light. Once exposed StencilPro can be used with oil, acrylic, water and low solvent-based inks - all ceramic inks are suitable.
This kit contains 2 x StencilPro standard sheets, 2 x StencilPro Hi-res sheets (for fine detail), 5 x inkjet transparency sheets, magnetic exposure frame, small (A5)and large (A4) plastic frame, digital timer, washout brush, plastic canvas washout screen, 150mm plastic squeegee, ink knife, 1 x roll of transfer paper, 1 x 120ml black KERA underglaze printing ink plus instructions. Also included is the EZIscreen opaque storage container to washout the StencilPro films during developing and store equipment after use.

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