Clay Extruders and Dies

This heavy duty Extruder is supplied with a standard set of 5 Dies. These will produce coils of varying dimensions and shapes. It can be wall mounted and is made of galvanised steel. 
Tip: Wedge your clay well and shape roughly to a square to fit the barrel of the extruder. Place this length of square clay in a light plastic grocery bag, bread bag, or wrap in cling wrap.Cut anopening in the bottom and place in the barrel, the remaining bag at the top can be cut off or folded over. Extrude asnormal. The plastic keeps the inside of the barrel cleaner.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
EXTCDP COWLEY EXTRUDER DIE-PLATE ONLY. A spare die plate into which the Cowley dies (standard or hollow) will fit. 0 Login For Price
EXTCDS5 COWLEY CLAY EXTRUDER DIE SET. A replacement set of 5 standard dies which produce coils of varying dimensions and shapes - includes one blank die which can be cut to produce a required shape. 1 Login For Price
SFT007 CLAY GUN/EXTRUDER + 19 DISCS SET. Use to make a variety of extruded forms with clays and soft modelling compounds. Manufactured from die-cast zinc alloy with 19 interchangeable steel discs. 10cm in length. 106 Login For Price
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