Kids Activity Kits

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
JV00341 *JOVI MY FIRST CRAYON & SOFT DOUGH SET. Jovi set of 6 crayons and 3 soft dough in assorted colours and 2 moulds in a neat zippered pouch. 2 Login For Price
JV00349 *JOVI MY FIRST CRAYON/POSTER PAINT SET DISPLAYof 8 SETS. A neat counter display unit stocked with 4 x JV00341 and 4 x JV00343. 6 Login For Price
MC125099 MARABU KIDS Porcelain&Glass-EGG CUP SET 6pc set. The Marabu set of 4 egg cups plus 2 painters makes every wish come true. Just use the great children's marker Porcelain & Glas KIDS (from 3 years) in the provided colours Cherry Red and Light Blue to paint the egg cups."" 10 Login For Price
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