Scratch-Art Papers

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SCRL30 ^SCRATCH-ART SCRATCH-LITE FILM (8x9.75in) Pack 30. Instant Stained Glass" just by scratching with a Stick! Dramatic luminous colours are revealed when the scratched lines and areas of the magic Scratch-Lite sheets are held up to a window or other light source. Scratch-Lite is a patented new technique of "Drawing with Light" to achieve instant stained glass results ...without the traditional use of cut glass leading and all the mess and expense. The top opaque black coating on each sheet covers many colours printed onto a clear plastic sheet. Scratch-Lite "Stained Glass" sheet pack contains a packet of 30 Scratch-Lite sheets each 8 x 9" (203 x 247mm) plus tracing transfer sheet wooden scratch tool hanging strip and complete instructions." NLA
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