Calligraphy Sets

These Calligraphy sets provide everything for lettering, cards, invitations and more.
For beginners, hobbyists and the professional calligrapher. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CR43120 CR43120 CRETACOLOR CALLIGRAPHY SET 7. Contains everything you need to get started including a 30ml bottle of black China Ink, 5 assorted pen nibs and nib holder with marbled handle and clamping lever to hold nibs in place during use. 2 Login For Price
CR43123 CR43123 CRETACOLOR 11 PIECE CALLIGRAPHY SET. This 11 piece set contains the following:- 1 premium-quality metal cartridge pen, 3 nibs (1.1 mm / 1.5 mm / 1.9 mm)- 6 ink cartridges in 4 colours (2x black, 2x blue, 1x red, 1x green)- 1 ink cartridge converter- 1 instruction booklet with lettering samples 8 Login For Price
CR43197 CR43197 CRETACOLOR ARTIST STUDIO CALLIGRAPHY Set 7. Set contains 1 calligraphy pen holder, 3 different nibs (1.1, 1.5 & 2.3 mm), 1 cap for the pen holder and 2 ink cartridges (black). 7 Login For Price
CR43199 CR43199 CRETACOLOR STOCKED CALLIGRAPHY NIB/HOLDER/INK DISPLAY. Contains 12 x 30ml bottles of Cretacolor deep black China Ink, 16 blister carded 5 nib sets containing one nib each of fine roundhand writing, poster, ornamental, square-cut and italic styles plus 20 assorted colour wooden handled nib holders. 1 Login For Price
SFS069 SFS069 SINOART FINE ARTS 25 PIECE CALLIGRAPHY GIFT BOX SET. A comprehensive calligraphy set containing 2 cartridge pen barrels with caps, 5 assorted style screw-in pen points, 16 ink cartridges (4 black, 4 blue plus 2 each red, green, purple and brown, a refillable ink pump plus an A4 calligraphy practice pad. 117 Login For Price
SFT0159 SFT0159 CALLIGRAPHY 7 PIECE INK/NIBS/HOLDER STARTER KIT. Ideal for calligraphy beginners. Contains pen holder, 20ml bottle black drawing ink and one nib each in the 5 sizes 0.75mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm. 235 Login For Price
SFT0217 SFT0217 SINOART CALLIGRAPHY CARTRIDGE 9 PIECE PEN SET. Contains a pen barrel with cap, re-fillable ink tank, stainless steel nibs in extra-fine, fine, medium and bold plus one ink cartridge each in black, blue and blue/black 188 Login For Price
SFT0239 SFT0239 SINOART CALLIGRAPHY 9 NIB & HOLDER SET. Quality wooden nib holder with 9 writing and drawing nibs. 0 Login For Price
SPEB2903 SPEB2903 SPEEDBALL BASIC FOUNTAIN PEN CALLIGRAPHY SET. Speedball Calligraphy fountain pens faeture precisely machined nibs with a rounded tip, a lightweight, ergonomic design pen barrel and cap plus quality free-flowing inks to provide a superior creative writing experience.This set includes one each of the three available nib widths of 1.1mm, 1.5mm and 1.9mm, black plastic pen barrel and cap with pocket clip and six standard ink cartridges - two each of Black & Blue plus one of red, purple, green & pink. 5 Login For Price
SPEB2904 SPEB2904 SPEEDBALL DELUXE FOUNTAIN PEN CALLIGRAPHY KIT. This set includes one each of the three available nib widths of 1.1mm, 1.5mm and 1.9mm, two black plastic pen barrels and caps with pocket clips plus 12 standard ink cartridges - two each of black, blue, red, purple, green & pink plus the latest (24th) edition of Speedball Textbook. 10 Login For Price
SPEB2907 SPEB2907 SPEEDBALL CALLIGRAPHY 2 FOUNTAIN PEN GIFT SET. This beautiful gift set contains one each Speedball's Calligraphy Fountain Pen in Burgundy and Black, one each of the pen nibs fine 1.1mm and medium 1.5mm plus two black ink pen cartridges. 3 Login For Price
SPEB3059 SPEB3059 SPEEDBALL CALLIGRAPHY & LETTERING INTRO KIT. This introductory kit is ideal for the beginner. Contains (1) 2oz (59.1ml) Super Black India Ink, (1) Speedball Pen Nib Holder and (3) C Style Pen Nibs (C1, C2, C3). 7 Login For Price
SPEB3060 SPEB3060 SPEEDBALL VALUE CALLIGRAPHY KIT. This all-in-one kit includes all the essentials to get started in drawing, lettering or calligraphy. Includes one each of 2oz (59.1ml) Super Black India Ink, Pen Cleaner, 41oz (12ml) Super Pigmented Acrylic Drawing & Lettering Ink (Silver), C1, C2, B4, and A5 Pen Nibs, Speedball Pen Nib Holder, Speedball Elementary Alphabets Instruction Book and practice paper. -13 Login For Price
SPEB3061 SPEB3061 SPEEDBALL DELUXE PEN + INK KIT. Designed for pen-and-ink artists, letterers, and calligraphers. Kit contains (1) each of the following: 0.41oz (12ml) Super Pigmented Acrylic Drawing &Calligraphy Inks (Scarlet Red, Indigo Blue, Gold) andPen Cleaner; C1, C2, B4, A5, No. 102 Crow Quill, and No. 107 Hawk Quill Nibs; Classic Black and Crow Quill Pen Nib Holders; The Speedball Textbook; practice papers; five-well palette; eyedropper; brush. 0 Login For Price
SPEB3062 SPEB3062 SPEEDBALL COMPLETE CALLIGRAPHY KIT. Featuring all that's needed to begin creating stunning calligraphic art this kit includes 1 each of Calligraphy practice pad, Classic Pen Nib Holder, Oblique Pen Nib Holder, Broad- Edge Pen Nib (C2), Flexible Pen Point Pen Nib (#101), 12ml jar Super Pigmented Black ink, 12ml jar Pen Cleaner, Elegant Writer Marker in Black & Extra-Fine Point plus The Speedball Textbook. 6 Login For Price
SPEB3063 SPEB3063 SPEEDBALL COLLECTORS CALLIGRAPHY SET. Contains one each of Classic Pen Nib Holder, Oblique pen nib holder, Crow Quill pen holder, Black & Gold pen nib holder, 4 x Broad-Edge pen nibs (C2, C3, A5, B6), 4 x Flexible Pen Point pen nibs (No. 512, No. 513EF, No. 102 Crow Quill, No. 101), one each of 12ml jar Super Pigmented Acrylic Drawing & Calligraphy Ink (black, red, blue), 1 x 12ml jar Pen Cleaner plus The Speedball Textbook. -13 Login For Price
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