Derwent Graphic Pencils

Derwent Graphic pencils contain the finest graphite to create smooth and graduated lines. Highly lightfast, easy to remove with an eraser, Derwent Graphic offers the artist and designer a professional quality graphite pencil in a range of degrees from 9B to 9H.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
D34161 D34161 *DERWENT GRAPHIC GRAPHITE PENCIL 9B Box 12 2 Login For Price
D34162 D34162 #DERWENT GRAPHIC GRAPHITE PENCIL 8B Box 12 64 Login For Price
D34163 D34163 *DERWENT GRAPHIC GRAPHITE PENCIL 7B Box 12 0 Login For Price
D34166 D34166 #DERWENT GRAPHIC GRAPHITE PENCIL 6B Box 12 0 Login For Price
D34168 D34168 *DERWENT GRAPHIC GRAPHITE PENCIL 5B Box 12 17 Login For Price
D34170 D34170 #DERWENT GRAPHIC GRAPHITE PENCIL 4B Box 12 60 Login For Price
D34172 D34172 *DERWENT GRAPHIC GRAPHITE PENCIL 3B Box 12 53 Login For Price
D34174 D34174 #DERWENT GRAPHIC GRAPHITE PENCIL 2B Box 12 126 Login For Price
D34176 D34176 *DERWENT GRAPHIC GRAPHITE PENCIL B Box 12 3 Login For Price
D34178 D34178 #DERWENT GRAPHIC GRAPHITE PENCIL HB Box 12 0 Login For Price
D34182 D34182 #DERWENT GRAPHIC GRAPHITE PENCIL H Box 12 0 Login For Price
D34184 D34184 #DERWENT GRAPHIC GRAPHITE PENCIL 2H Box 12 31 Login For Price
D34188 D34188 *DERWENT GRAPHIC GRAPHITE PENCIL 4H Box 12 4 Login For Price
D34192 D34192 *DERWENT GRAPHIC GRAPHITE PENCIL 6H Box 12 1 Login For Price
D34194 D34194 *DERWENT GRAPHIC GRAPHITE PENCIL 7H Box 12 5 Login For Price
D34196 D34196 *DERWENT GRAPHIC GRAPHITE PENCIL 8H Box 12 3 Login For Price
D34198 D34198 *DERWENT GRAPHIC GRAPHITE PENCIL 9H Box 12 1 Login For Price
D34202 D34202 DERWENT GRAPHIC GRAPHITE PENCIL-TIN SET 24. Contains one each of the grades 9B-4H plus 1 extra pencil in the four most popular grades -1 Login For Price
D34213 D34213 DERWENT GRAPHIC (HARD) TECHNICAL PENCIL TIN 12. Technical set contains one pencil each in the grades B - 9H. 6 Login For Price
D34214 D34214 DERWENT GRAPHIC (MEDIUM) DESIGNER PENCIL TIN 12. Designer set contains one pencil each in the grades 6B - 4H. 3 Login For Price
D34215 D34215 DERWENT GRAPHIC (SOFT) SKETCHING PENCIL TIN 12. Sketching set contains one pencil each in the grades 9B - H. 3 Login For Price
D700835 D700835 DERWENT GRAPHITE GRAPHIC PENCIL TIN 6 ASSORTED. Contains 1 pencil each in the grades 2H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B,8B plus pencil sharpener. 3 Login For Price
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