Sharpie Fineline Pens

Sharpie Fineliner Pens feature a unique, parallel-sided, metal encased, 0.3mm extruded plastic tip for durability and a smooth consistent line-width that delivers a, high-quality everyday writing experience. They contain specially-formulated, water-based permanent ink that delivers bold and vivid colours which dry quickly for smear resistance, are fade and water-resistant and won't bleed through paper! 

Sharpie Metallic Markers deliver a bold impact on dark surfaces with bright metallic, non-toxic inks. No shaking required - so just uncap and go! The durable 1.0mm fine tip creates permanent marks on most surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal, wood, vinyl and photos etc. When not in use, store with tip down.

Sharpie Fine Point Markers permanently mark almost any surface. Ideal for use on glass,plastic,metal,wood,vinyl,photos etc. Tough polypropylene barrel, alcohol based, non-toxic, permanent ink with a fine 1.0mm tip. 

Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Markers have a precise, narrowed 0.3mm tip for extreme control. Creates marks permanently on most surfaces such as glass, wood, plastic, metal, vinyl, photos etc. They contains alcohol based, non-toxic, permanent ink that is fade and water resistant.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
S1742662 SHARPIE WATER BASED FINELINER PEN 4 Assorted Colours. One each of black, blue, red and green. 0 Login For Price
S1742665 *SHARPIE WATER BASED FINELINER PEN - RED Box 12. 1 Login For Price
S1823815 SHARPIE METALLIC FINE MARKER SET 3 Assorted Colours. One each of silver, gold and bronze. 9 Login For Price
S182389 SHARPIE METALLIC FINE MARKER 1mm GOLD Box12. 1 Login For Price
S30051 SHARPIE FINE POINT MARKER 1.0mm - BLACK Box12. 12 Login For Price
S30174 SHARPIE FINE POINT MARKERS - 4 Assorted Colours. One each of Black, Red, Blue and Green. 7 Login For Price
S37001 SHARPIE ULTRA FINE MARKER 0.3mm - BLACK Box 12. 6 Login For Price
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