Shinhan Touch Liner Pens

ShinHan Touch Liner is the ultimate liner for the professional that features archival and pigment based ink ideal for precise drawing, illustrating, anime, manga, graphic designs and documents. The ink is acid-free, water resistant, smear-proof, lightfast and xylene free.
Shinhan Touch Liners are available in a range of nib sizes and colours. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
STL005 SHINHAN TOUCH LINER 0.05mm BLACK Box 12. 36 Login For Price
STL01 SHINHAN TOUCH LINER 0.10mm BLACK Box 12. 37 Login For Price
STL017SET SHINHAN TOUCH LINER Set7 Assorted Colours. One each of blue, brown, green, orange, purple, red and yellow 25 Login For Price
STL01BL SHINHAN TOUCH LINER 0.1mm BLUE Box 12. 2 Login For Price
STL01BR SHINHAN TOUCH LINER 0.1mm BROWN Box 12 1 Login For Price
STL01GR SHINHAN TOUCH LINER 0.1mm GREEN Box 12 2 Login For Price
STL01OR SHINHAN TOUCH LINER 0.1mm ORANGE Box 12 2 Login For Price
STL01PU SHINHAN TOUCH LINER 0.1mm PURPLE Box 12 1 Login For Price
STL01RE SHINHAN TOUCH LINER 0.1mm RED Box 12. 2 Login For Price
STL01YE SHINHAN TOUCH LINER 0.1mm YELLOW Box 12. 0 Login For Price
STL02 SHINHAN TOUCH LINER BLACK 0.2mm Box 12. 32 Login For Price
STL03 SHINHAN TOUCH LINER BLACK 0.3mm Box 12. 23 Login For Price
STL04 SHINHAN TOUCH LINER BLACK 0.4mm Box 12. 5 Login For Price
STL05 SHINHAN TOUCH LINER BLACK 0.5mm Box 12. 40 Login For Price
STL08 SHINHAN TOUCH LINER BLACK 0.8mm Box 12 32 Login For Price
STL5SET SHINHAN TOUCH LINER SET BLACK 5 Assorted. Contains 1 each pen of 0.05, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5 and 0.8mm 25 Login For Price
STL7SET SHINHAN TOUCH LINER SET BLACK 7 Assorted. Contains 1 each pen of 0.05, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8mm, chisel and brush. 12 Login For Price
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