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B9502K10C *BRUYNZEEL COLOR EXPRESS LITTLE THUMBS CRAYONS. These extra-thick (15mm), double-ended, short wax crayons have been specifcally developed for childrens small hands to stimulate and develop their fine motor skills. These unique soft wax crayons are gluten-free withintense colours that are water-soluble and will wash easily off the skin and most fabrics. 0 Login For Price
KIN8971 *KOH-I-NOOR 2B GRAPHITE CRAYONS - Box of 6. Large hexagonal 2B grade graphite/timber crayons are an economical method of quickly creating large areas of graphite on paper. These 120mm long, 12mm diameter crayons are not paper wrapped to facilitate covering a large area with a single stroke. Supplied in a flip-top, cardboard storage box of 6 crayons. 42 Login For Price
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