Sidewalk Chalk

Soft, compact chalk that produces very little dust. Bright vivid colours that cover outdoor surfaces very easily. Ideal for games, murals on asphalt or similar. Easily removed from any surface with water. Large pieces that last longer and fit easily into smaller hands.

For professional Pavement Pastels see the Soft Pastels section.


Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
JV01030 JOVI CLASSCOLOR STREET/SIDEWALK CHALK Pack 6. Contains one stick each of yellow, orange, pink, purple blue and green 31 Login For Price
JV01130 JOVI STREET/SIDEWALK CHALK BUCKET OF 20. An assortment of white, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue and green sticks. 22 Login For Price
SIDCB24 SIDEWALK CHALK BUCKET OF 24 ASSORTED. Jumbo Sidewalk Chalks that are easy to grasp. Stick size 24 x 110mm. 4 Login For Price
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