Graphix Aqua Brush Pens

Graphix Aqua are versatile watercolour pens in a vibrant array of colours. The high quality, lightfast and low odour inks produce brilliant and bright colours. Pens are double-ended felt tips and feature a contour point tip on one end and flexible brush tip on the other. Ideal for use on watercolour paper.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
MC1450100 MARABU GRAPHIX AQUA PEN - MEGA MASH Set of 12. Mega Mash Set of 12 - contains one Aqua Graphix pen each in black, lemon, red orange, cherry red, light pink, plum, antique green, avocado, dark green, aquamarine, petrol and dark brown. 15 Login For Price
MC1450101 MARABU GRAPHIX AQUA PEN - MANGA Set of 6. Manga set of 6 contains one Aqua Graphix pen each in black, make-up, rose, raspberry, dark ultramarine and amber. 30 Login For Price
MC1450102 MARABU GRAPHIX AQUA PEN - KING of BUBBLEGUM Bubblegum set of 6 contains one Aqua Graphix pen each in black, yellow, light vermilion, smoky quartz and azure. 25 Login For Price
MC1450103 MARABU GRAPHIX AQUA PEN -METROPOLITAN Set of 6. Metropolitan set of 6 contains one Aqua Graphix pen each in black, gentian, light blue, aqua green, tangerine and light grey 20 Login For Price
MC1450104 MARABU GRAPHIX AQUA PEN - OCTOPY Set of 24. Octopy set of 24 contains one Aqua Graphix pen each in lemon, tangerine, red orange, amber, cherry red, light vermilion, make-up, pink, rose pink, plum, ultramarine, azure blue, light blue, petrol, aqua green, dark green, antique green, lime, smoky blue, smoky quartz, dark brown, light grey, grey and black. 10 Login For Price
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