Jolly Mixed Media

These sets of Jolly products provide a full range of drawing products for the junior artist.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
J30000517 CRETACOLOR JOLLY GLITZER SET of 10. This set contains 5 glittering felt tip pens and 5 Superstick colour pencils in metallic colours. One felt tip pen each in metallic green, metallic blue, goldfish red, silver and gold plus one Superstick each in metallic green, metallic blue, metallic red, silver and gold. Works beautifully on black paper. 34 Login For Price
J99400131 JOLLY BACK TO SCHOOL BOX 36 PENCILS+MARKERS. Contains 16 Superstick coloured pencils in the most popular colours, 3 Neon coloured pencils, 3 Metallic coloured pencils, 1 Multi-coloured Rainbow pencil, 1 Graphite Kinderfest pencil for both sketching and writing and 12 Double-ended thick & thin Superstar Duo felt pens in assorted colours 94 Login For Price
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