Derwent Carre Pastels

For authentic pastel drawings with quick, easy colour lay down, these chunky pastel blocks are perfect. Their square shape (8 x 8 x 75mm) and smooth, semi-hard texture means you can use the ends, sides or edges to produce both broad and fine lines.
Although not as powdery as soft pastels, the effect is equally beautiful and the unique colourless Derwent Blending White allows you to blend the colours easily without affecting their density. 
The colours are rich and vibrant and can be used dry or wet to produce soft and subtle tonings. They are also ideally suited to use with any type of coloured pencil, watercolour pencil or pastel pencil. 
N.B. Every possible care is taken in packing artists pastels due to their extremely fragile nature. No allowance therefore, can be made in the event of any breakage as they are equally serviceable.

attr_item-code Description Available Qt attr_price attr_qty
D35906B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-Dp.CADMIUM 6 57 Login For Price
D35911B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-SpecORANGE 6 79 Login For Price
D35915B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-Geran.LAKE 6 58 Login For Price
D35922B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-MAGENTA 6 70 Login For Price
D35925B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-DarkVIOLET 6 45 Login For Price
D35929B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-Ultramarine6 98 Login For Price
D35932B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-SPECTRUM BLUE Bx6 96 Login For Price
D35935B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-PRUSS.BLUE 6 38 Login For Price
D35946B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-EmeraldGRN 6 71 Login For Price
D35948B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-MAY GREEN 6 81 Login For Price
D35951B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-OliveGreen 6 71 Login For Price
D35953B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK - SEPIA 6 82 Login For Price
D35954B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-BurntUmber 6 80 Login For Price
D35957B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-BrownOchre 6 73 Login For Price
D35957D *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-BrOchreMid 6 90 Login For Price
D35964B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-TERRACOTTA 6 92 Login For Price
D35965B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-BrntCarmine6 73 Login For Price
D35966B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-CHOCOLATE 6 80 Login For Price
D35967B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-IVORY BLACK KBx6 57 Login For Price
D35970B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-FrenchGrey 6 82 Login For Price
D35970D *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-FrGREY MID 6 112 Login For Price
D35970F *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-FrGREY Lgt 6 80 Login For Price
D35970H *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-FrGreyPale 6 83 Login For Price
D35973B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-OrangeEarth6 76 Login For Price
D35974B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-DARK OLIVE 6 65 Login For Price
D35975B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-HookersGrn6 63 Login For Price
D35976B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-ForestGreen6 72 Login For Price
D35977B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-TerreVerte 6 92 Login For Price
D35978B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-GreenUmber 6 67 Login For Price
D35979B *D/W PASTEL BLOCK-UMBER 6 60 Login For Price
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