Derwent Graphite Blocks

Chunky, firm graphite blocks. 8mm square in diameter and 75mm longallow you to produce both broad and fine lines. They are ideal for free, expressive drawing. A degree of natural dusting allows easy blending while applying a little water will disperse the graphite to create interesting wash effects. A versatile drawing media, they are adaptable to the whole range of Derwent pencils. They cover well and by applying pressure, dense tone can be built up. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
D2301946 *ACADEMY GRAPHITE SKETCHING PENCIL Tin12. This tin of 12 pencils contains quality graphite sketching pencils ranging from 6B to 5H. The hexagonal, 7mm barrel is a dark, graphite grey with a bright silver imprint detailing range name and degree and has a gloss black end dip. The graphite strip measures 2.8mm for the pencils 6B - 3B and 2.2mm for the pencils 2B - 5H. 2 Login For Price
D700267 *DERWENT LAKELAND JUMBO GRAPHITE PENCIL HB 12. A chunky, easy-grip 9.8mm diameter full length, fully painted hexagonal barrel pencil with an extra-thick 3.8mm break-resistant graphite strip for early childhood and infants from 3 to 5 years. Lakeland Jumbo pencils are specially designed for small hands and suitable for both drawing and writing. NLA
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