Fabric Art

Dylon Fabric Dyes

Produces colours which, are permanent and colourful. Can be used on all natural fibres (cotton, linen, silk, wool and viscose rayon), however mixtures of synthetic and natural fibres should be pre-tested. Non-toxic.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
DY902090 DY902090 DYLON DYE 50g TROPICAL GREEN 8 Login For Price
DY902091 DY902091 DYLON DYE 50g SUNFLOWER YELLOW 11 Login For Price
DY902092 DY902092 DYLON DYE 50g CHINA BLUE 9 Login For Price
DY902094 DY902094 DYLON DYE 50g NAVY BLUE 10 Login For Price
DY902095 DY902095 DYLON DYE 50g DARK GREEN 2 Login For Price
DY902098 DY902098 DYLON DYE 50g VELVET BLACK 5 Login For Price
DY902100 DY902100 DYLON DYE 50g BAHAMA BLUE 10 Login For Price
DY902101 DY902101 DYLON DYE 50g OCEAN BLUE 4 Login For Price
DY902102 DY902102 DYLON DYE 50g FLAMINGO PINK 17 Login For Price
DY902103 DY902103 DYLON DYE 50g INTENSE VIOLET 13 Login For Price
DY902106 DY902106 DYLON DYE 50g TULIP RED 8 Login For Price
DY902109 DY902109 DYLON DYE 50g GOLDFISH ORANGE 11 Login For Price
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