Fabric Art

Marabu Silk Paint & Outliners

Marabu Silk is ideal for painting all types of silk as well as thin cotton fabrics. Vividly brilliant with very good flow properties, this water-based silk paint for iron fixing is suitable for school, craft, leisure and artisan use. It is highly light-fast and can be diluted with water. After fixing Marabu Silk is resistant to washing and dry-cleaning.
Marabu Contours & Effects is a water-based outlining medium used in combination with Marabu Silk paint for creating outlines and other effects on silk fabric. After heat fixing the silk fabric colours, the coloured Contours & Effects medium will become permanent however the clear medium can be washed out. Apply to the fabric using the Liner or from a brush, roller or stamp.

Marabu Safety Data Sheets

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
MC178005 MC178005 MARABU SILK PAINT 50ml - CHERRY RED 9 Login For Price
MC178007 MC178007 MARABU SILK PAINT 50ml - LAVENDER 10 Login For Price
MC178020 MC178020 *MARABU SILK PAINT 50ml - LEMON. 1 Login For Price
MC178021 MC178021 MARABU SILK PAINT 50ml - MEDIUM YELLOW 7 Login For Price
MC178031 MC178031 MARABU SILK PAINT 50ml - CHERRY RED 9 Login For Price
MC178032 MC178032 MARABU SILK PAINT 50ml - CARMINE RED. 4 Login For Price
MC178033 MC178033 MARABU SILK PAINT 50ml - PINK. 4 Login For Price
MC178037 MC178037 MARABU SILK PAINT 50ml - PLUM 11 Login For Price
MC178045 MC178045 *MARABU SILK PAINT 50ml - DARK BROWN 2 Login For Price
MC178046 MC178046 MARABU SILK PAINT 50ml - MEDIUM BROWN 11 Login For Price
MC178052 MC178052 MARABU SILK PAINT 50ml - MEDIUM BLUE. 11 Login For Price
MC178055 MC178055 MARABU SILK PAINT 50ml - AQUAMARINE Lt.BLUE. 8 Login For Price
MC178073 MC178073 MARABU SILK PAINT 50ml - BLACK. 14 Login For Price
MC178082 MC178082 MARABU SILK PAINT 50ml - LEAF GREEN 11 Login For Price
MC178096 MC178096 MARABU SILK PAINT 50ml - EMERALD GREEN. 11 Login For Price
MC178200 MC178200 MARABU SILK PAINT CONTOUR OUTLINER 50ml - CLEAR. 7 Login For Price
MC178225 MC178225 MARABU SILK PAINT 50ml - TANGERINE 10 Login For Price
MC178284 MC178284 MARABU SILK PAINT CONTOUR OUTLINER 50ml - GOLD 6 Login For Price
MC178502 MC178502 MARABU SILK 50ml-WHITE BLENDER. Used for mixing pastel colours with Marabu Silk. Water-based. 7 Login For Price
MC178571 MC178571 *MARABU SILK 50ml - WHITE LINER. For additional white embellishments on silk painted with Marabu Silk. Water-based. 1 Login For Price
MC178900 MC178900 MARABU SILK PAINT CONTOUR OUTLINER 25ml - CLEAR. 6 Login For Price
MC178973 MC178973 MARABU SILK PAINT CONTOUR OUTLINER 25ml - BLACK. 6 Login For Price
MC178984 MC178984 MARABU SILK PAINT CONTOUR OUTLINER 25ml - GOLD. 3 Login For Price
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