Fabric Art

Marabu Fashion Liner

Water-based, odourless and light-fast fabric paint in a liner with a nozzle tip. Suitable for fabrics with up to 20% man-made fibres. The vivid matt colours and shimmering effects remain soft to touch and are ideal for adding embellishments and/or free style lettering onto fabric. Finished pieces are washable up to 40C after fixing. Fix with an iron through a cloth at cotton setting.

Marabu Safety Data Sheets

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
MC180070 MC180070 *MARABU FASHION LINER 25ml - #070 WHITE 16 Login For Price
MC180073 MC180073 *MARABU FASHION LINER 25ml - #073 BLACK 10 Login For Price
MC180232 MC180232 *MARABU FASHION LINER 25ml - #232 RED 5 Login For Price
MC180560 MC180560 *MARABU FASHION LINER 25ml - SHIMMER RESEDA 9 Login For Price
MC180574 MC180574 *MARABU FASHION LINER 25ml - SHIMMER BLACK 5 Login For Price
MC180580 MC180580 *MARABU FASHION LINER 25ml - SHIMMER ROSE GOLD 4 Login For Price
MC180581 MC180581 *MARABU FASHION LINER 25ml - SHIMMER SILVER 8 Login For Price
MC180583 MC180583 *MARABU FASHION LINER 25ml - SHIMMER GOLD 8 Login For Price
MC180585 MC180585 *MARABU FASHION LINER 25ml - SHIMMER COPPER 6 Login For Price
MC180595 MC180595 *MARABU FASHION LINER 25ml - SHIMMER SKY BLUE 4 Login For Price
MC180596 MC180596 *MARABU FASHION LINER 25ml - SHIMMER LILAC 3 Login For Price
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