Fabric Art

Marabu Fashion Sprays

Water-based fabric spray paint, odourless and light-fast, brilliant colours, soft to the touch. Perfect for all light-coloured fabrics with up to 20 % man-made fibres. After fixing washable up to 400C. Ideal for freehand spraying, stencilling and many other techniques. Use in combination with Marabu Fashion Liner to create the highlights, embellishments and shimmer effects.

Marabu Safety Data Sheets

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
MC171082 ^MARABU FASHION SPRAY- INDIAN SPIRIT SET of 4. Contains one 100ml bottle each in Red Orange, Petrol and Aubergine plus 1 Fashion Liner 25 ml in Shimmer-Caribbean. 4 Login For Price
MC171083 ^MARABU FASHION SPRAY- SPARKLING NIGHTS SET of 4. Contains one 100ml bottle each in Red, Night Blue and Grey plus 1 Fashion Liner 25 ml in Shimmer-Mother of Pearl. 13 Login For Price
MC171084 MARABU FASHION SPRAY- COOL DENIM SET of 4. Contains one 100ml bottle each in Reseda, Sky-Blue, Marine Blue, plus 1 Fashion Liner 25 ml in Shimmer-Silver 0 Login For Price
MC171085 MARABU FASHION SPRAY- TROPICAL ISLAND SET of 4. Contains one 100ml bottle each in Pink, Apple, Plum plus 1 Fashion Liner 25 ml in Shimmer-Reseda 0 Login For Price
MC171094 MARABU FASHION SPRAY TIE DYE SET. Contains one 100ml bottle each in raspberry, lemon and marine blue, 10gm of rubber bands and detailed instructions. 0 Login For Price
MC171095 MARABU FASHION SPRAY SHIBORI SET. Contains one 100ml bottle each in petrol, sky blue and night blue, one 25ml Fashion Liner in silver and detailed instructions. -5 Login For Price
MC171880 *MARABU FASHION SHIMMER - PASTEL GLAM SET. Contains one 100ml bottle each of Shimmer Apricot, Shimmer Sky Blue and Shimmer Aquamarine 1 Login For Price
MC171881 *MARABU FASHION SHIMMER - CLASSIC GLAM SET. Contains one 100ml bottle each of Shimmer Silver, Shimmer Gold and Shimmer Copper. 0 Login For Price
MC1719005 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml- RASPBERRY. 11 Login For Price
MC1719020 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - LEMON. 15 Login For Price
MC1719023 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - RED ORANGE 18 Login For Price
MC1719033 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - ROSE PINK. 12 Login For Price
MC1719034 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - BORDEAUX. 17 Login For Price
MC1719037 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - PLUM. 15 Login For Price
MC1719039 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - AUBERGINE. 14 Login For Price
MC1719061 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - RESEDA. 16 Login For Price
MC1719073 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - BLACK. 14 Login For Price
MC1719078 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - GREY. 18 Login For Price
MC1719091 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - CARIBBEAN. 8 Login For Price
MC1719092 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - PETROL. 17 Login For Price
MC1719141 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - SKY BLUE. 15 Login For Price
MC1719153 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - MINT. 17 Login For Price
MC1719158 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - APPLE. 14 Login For Price
MC1719212 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - FLAMINGO. 14 Login For Price
MC1719220 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - SUNSHINE YELLOW. 14 Login For Price
MC1719225 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - TANGERINE. 16 Login For Price
MC1719232 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - RED. 12 Login For Price
MC1719258 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - MARINE BLUE. 12 Login For Price
MC1719293 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - NIGHT BLUE. 14 Login For Price
MC1719295 MARABU FASHION SPRAY 100ml - COCOA. 18 Login For Price
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