Fabric Art

Playcolour "Textil" Fabric Colours

For drawing and painting onto natural fabrics the fun, easy, clean way... just reach for Playcolor water-based Textil Colours!
Simple to use, with no water, paintbrushes, cups or clean-up required, Playcolor Textil solid paint sticks are great for painting onto most natural fabrics... just uncap, twist, and start decorating.  The bright, vibrant, opaque colours of Playcolor Textil sticks are quick drying, won’t crack when dry and are permanent when heat set. Once dry, cover the fabric with a sheet of paper and dry iron for 3-4 minutes to set the colour and when set, the decorated fabric can be washed at up to 600C. 


attr_item-code Description Available Qt attr_price attr_qty
DG10401 PLAYCOLOR ONE TEXTIL COLOUR 6x10g 108 Login For Price
DG10461 PLAYCOLOR ONE TEXTIL COLOUR 12x10gm Assorted. Contains one 10gm stick each of white, yellow, orange, red, pink, green 1, green 2, blue 1, blue 2, violet 1, brown and black 62 Login For Price
DG10501 PLAYCOLOR POCKET TEXTIL COLOURS 6x5gm Assorted. Contains one 5gm stick each in black, brown, purple, orange, yellow and white. 116 Login For Price
DG10561 PLAYCOLOR POCKET TEXTIL COLOURS 12x5g Assorted. Contains one 5gm stick each in white, yellow, orange, red, pink, green 1, green 2, blue 1, blue 2, violet, brown and black. 20 Login For Price
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