Fabric Art

Fashion Drawing Kits

• Brush marker pens are used to fill the garment area with a base colour using the chisel tip.
• Pastel pencils are used to highlight the important garment detail and movement behind the illustration
• Black fine-liners are used to sharpen some of the finer detail of the design and for the production sketches
• Chinagraph pencils are used on magazine quality paper to highlight the important garment detail and the movement in the illustration

• Bank Paper A3 - The lighter Bank paper is best for illustration exercises in the classroom as it is easier to see through to the fashion illustration
template when sketching.
• Bond Paper A3 – The heavier Bond paper is best for photocopying when printing illustrations

• Light black, A3 card as a base for presentation of the fashion illustration
• An A3 display sleeve to keep students work safe and clean

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