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Ink Pads

Versacolor Ink Pads combine the highest quality raw materials, including a superior ink recipe, a stackable container with a unique hinged lid and an ultra-dense foam pad for crisper stamped images. Versacolor Ultimate Pigment ink is perfect for every stamping technique, from embossing to archival projects.
Encore Ultimate Metallic Stamp Pads allow you to create eye-catching art with shimmering, solid, metallic colours. Ideal for scrapbooking because it's the quickest-drying true metallic ink currently available.
StazOn is our only solvent-based ink, designed for decorating non-porous and semi-porous surfaces, such as metal, shrink plastic, acrylic, cellophane, aluminum foil, leather and some glass surfaces. Thanks to its mild smell, StazOn is much safer to use than other permanent inks. For everything from industrial projects to home decor, StazOn is sure to remain the top crafting ink! This low odour ink works particularly well with Angelina fibres and Fusible film - acid free, archival quality.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
J7038012 VERSACOLOR INK PAD 33x33mm - MARIGOLD 2 Login For Price
J7038014 VERSACOLOR INK PAD 33x33mm - SCARLET. 3 Login For Price
J7038038 VERSACOLOR INK PAD 33x33mm - SKY BLUE. 4 Login For Price
J7038057 VERSACOLOR INK PAD 33x33mm - OLD ROSE. 3 Login For Price
J7038080 VERSACOLOR INK PAD 33x33mm - WHITE. 3 Login For Price
J7038156 VERSACOLOR INK PAD 33x33mm - RASPBERRY. 3 Login For Price
J7038174 VERSACOLOR INK PAD 33x33mm - CHARCOAL. 3 Login For Price
J704010 ENCORE METALLIC INK PAD 95x60mm - GOLD. 1 Login For Price
J704012 ENCORE METALLIC INK PAD 95x60mm - SILVER. 2 Login For Price
STAIPBK StazOn INK PAD 96x67mm - #31 BLACK. 2 Login For Price
STAIPBT *StazOn INK PAD 96x67mm - #41TIMBER BROWN. 0 Login For Price
STAIPFP StazOn INK PAD 96x67mm - #82 FUCHSIA PINK. 0 Login For Price
STAIPMB StazOn INK PAD 96x67mm - #62 MIDNIGHT BLUE. 2 Login For Price
STAIPRP StazOn INK PAD 96x67mm - #101 ROYAL PURPLE. 2 Login For Price
STAIPTB StazOn INK PAD 96x67mm - #63 TEAL BLUE. 2 Login For Price
STAIRBK StazOn INK REFILL 15ml #31 BLACK. A solvent-based refill ink for StazOn Ink Pad. 2 Login For Price
STAIRBT StazOn INK REFILL 15ml #41TIMBER BROWN. A solvent-based refill ink for StazOn Ink Pad. 0 Login For Price
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