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Kraft Paper Pads

Clairefontaine Kraft is manufactured with long, unbleached fibres. It features two distinctive surfaces - a textured side similar to Ingres, ideally suited for all dry techniques (charcoal, pencil, and pastel) as it possesses just enough grain to catch pigment and a smooth, shiny side suitable for certain wet techniques such ink, gouache, and acrylic.

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CF0008372 CF0008372 CLAIREFONTAINE 90g BROWN KRAFT SPIRAL ALBUM A4. Featuring black windowed covers, these landscape style, spiral-bound books contain 60 sheets of 90gsm Kraft paper. One side is textured, ideal for sketching and dry media. The other side is smooth, suitable for inks and light washes. 0 Login For Price
CF0096544 CF0096544 CLAIREFONTAINE KRAFT PAPER PAD 90gsm A5 100 sheets. 1 Login For Price
CF0096545 CF0096545 CLAIREFONTAINE KRAFT PAPER PAD 90gsm A4 100 sheets. 0 Login For Price
CF0096546 CF0096546 CLAIREFONTAINE KRAFT PAPER PAD 90gsm A3 100 sheets. 0 Login For Price
CF0975815 CF0975815 CLAIREFONTAINE KRAFT PAPER PAD 120gsm A4 50 sheets. 0 Login For Price
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