Maimeri Spray Paint Colours

Maimeri Idea spray colours have been produced using carefully selected pigments, all of which are the highest quality available to ensure maximum lightfastness. This is an especially important requirement in spray colours as they are often used in outdoor work where exposure to the sun is a constant. Idea spray colours are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The accurate dispenser provides perfect control over the jet, so you can produce highly detailed decorations or cover a large surface area quickly. Idea spray colours dry quickly and require no further fixing. No special preparation is required to the surface when painting, although if the surface is particularly rough or porous it is advised to spray the surface with a primer.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
ID6324278 ID6324278 MAIMERI IDEA SPRAY PAINT 200ml - BURNT SIENNA 3 Login For Price
ID6324704 ID6324704 MAIMERI IDEA SPRAY PAINT 200ml - MATT TRANSPARENT 26 Login For Price
ID6324705 ID6324705 MAIMERI IDEA SPRAY PAINT 200ml - GLOSS TRANSPARENT 1 Login For Price
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