Maimeri Acrilico Acrylics

Maimeri Acrilico acrylic is a new generation of acrylic paint manufactured from high quality pigments and state-of-the-art acrylic resin.
An excellent all-round paint for professionals, leisure painters and students. The colours are bright, vivid and clean, composed of top quality pigments carefully ground, dispersed and stabilised and chosen in order to create intense and luminous shades.
Acrilico colours are lightfast and the highly concentrated acrylic resin polymer provides a high viscosity, good binding and adhesion characteristics, UV resistance, colour retention and excellent covering power, allowing it to be easily applied even on unprepared supports. Once dry, Acrilico colours are flexible and do not crack or flake and they also become impenetrable and will not absorb dust and do not react to atmospheric or external conditions.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
AC0916116 AC0916116 MAIMERI ACRILICO 75ml PRIMARY YELLOW 58 Login For Price
AC0916256 AC0916256 MAIMERI ACRILICO 75ml PRIMARY RED 57 Login For Price
AC0916400 AC0916400 MAIMERI ACRILICO 75ml PRIMARY BLUE 50 Login For Price
AC0916999 AC0916999 ACRILICO 3x75ml SAMPLER SET. Contains one 75ml tube each of primary red (magenta), primary yellow and primary blue (cyan). 4 Login For Price
AC0924021 AC0924021 ACRILICO 200mL IVORY WHITE 4 Login For Price
AC0924023 AC0924023 ACRILICO 200ml TITANIUM BUFF 14 Login For Price
AC0924060 AC0924060 ACRILICO 200ml MARS ORANGE 12 Login For Price
AC0924102 AC0924102 ACRILICO 200ml MARS YELLOW 12 Login For Price
AC0924105 AC0924105 ACRILICO 200ml NAPTHOL YELLOW LIGHT 10 Login For Price
AC0924106 AC0924106 ACRILICO 200ml NAPTHOL YELLOW RED 13 Login For Price
AC0924107 AC0924107 ACRILICO 200ml NAPTHOL YELLOW DEEP 11 Login For Price
AC0924113 AC0924113 ACRILICO 200ml PERM. YELLOW MEDIUM 14 Login For Price
AC0924131 AC0924131 ACRILICO 200ml YELLOW OCHRE 16 Login For Price
AC0924134 AC0924134 ACRILICO 200ml GOLDEN OCHRE 16 Login For Price
AC0924151 AC0924151 ACRILICO 200ml DEEP GOLD 2 Login For Price
AC0924161 AC0924161 ACRILICO 200ml RAW SIENNA 12 Login For Price
AC0924248 AC0924248 ACRILICO 200ml MARS RED 2 Login For Price
AC0924251 AC0924251 ACRILICO 200ml PERMANENT RED LIGHT 8 Login For Price
AC0924253 AC0924253 ACRILICO 200ml PERMANENT RED DEEP 4 Login For Price
AC0924256 AC0924256 ACRILICO 200ml PRIMARY RED 10 Login For Price
AC0924259 AC0924259 ACRILICO 200ml PERMANENT RED MEDIUM 12 Login For Price
AC0924266 AC0924266 ACRILICO 200ml TRANSPARENT RED 12 Login For Price
AC0924278 AC0924278 ACRILICO 200ml BURNT SIENNA ART 12 Login For Price
AC0924280 AC0924280 ACRILICO 200ml VERMILION HUE 12 Login For Price
AC0924298 AC0924298 ACRILICO 200ml VERDACCIO 14 Login For Price
AC0924331 AC0924331 ACRILICO 200ml OLIVE GREEN 7 Login For Price
AC0924339 AC0924339 ACRILICO 200ml PERMANENT GREEN LIGHT 5 Login For Price
AC0924340 AC0924340 ACRILICO 200mL PERMANENT GREEN DEEP 16 Login For Price
AC0924358 AC0924358 ACRILICO 200ml SAP GREEN 17 Login For Price
AC0924370 AC0924370 ACRILICO 200ml COBALT BLUE HUE LT 6 Login For Price
AC0924371 AC0924371 ACRILICO 200ml COBALT BLUE HUE 14 Login For Price
AC0924378 AC0924378 ACRILICO 200ml PHTHALO BLUE 1 Login For Price
AC0924388 AC0924388 ACRILICO 200ml NAVY BLUE 12 Login For Price
AC0924402 AC0924402 ACRILICO 200ml PRUSSIAN BLUE 5 Login For Price
AC0924405 AC0924405 ACRILICO 200ml KINGS BLUE LIGHT 1 Login For Price
AC0924409 AC0924409 ACRILICO 200ml GREEN BLUE 2 Login For Price
AC0924465 AC0924465 ACRILICO 200ml PERMANENT VIOLET RED 5 Login For Price
AC0924476 AC0924476 ACRILICO 200ml MARS BROWN 9 Login For Price
AC0924493 AC0924493 ACRILICO 200ml RAW UMBER 13 Login For Price
AC0924507 AC0924507 ACRILICO 200ml WARM GREY 3 Login For Price
AC0924510 AC0924510 ACRILICO 200ml COOL GREY 5 Login For Price
AC0924511 AC0924511 ACRILICO 200ml GREY DEEP 4 Login For Price
AC0924562 AC0924562 ACRILICO 200ml SILVER ANTIQUE 6 Login For Price
AC5844693 AC5844693 Login For Price
AC5924899 AC5924899 Login For Price
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