Rowney Graduate Acrylics

Daler-Rowney Graduate acrylics are a quality range of student acrylics at a very affordable price. The range features bright and strong colours that are water based and solvent free. Daler-Rowney Graduate acrylics have a high pigment loading and flow easily across surfaces such as paper, primed board and canvas. They are compatible with most acrylic mediums. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
123500225 123500225 *GRADUATE ACRYLIC COLOUR 500ml BURNT UMBER. 5 Login For Price
123500247 123500247 *GRADUATE ACRYLIC COLOUR 500ml RAW UMBER. 7 Login For Price
123500504 123500504 *GRADUATE ACRYLIC COLOUR 500ml CADMIUM RED DEEP HUE. 7 Login For Price
123500588 123500588 *GRADUATE ACRYLIC COLOUR 500ml VERMILION HUE. 4 Login For Price
123500634 123500634


4 Login For Price
123500723 123500723 *GRADUATE ACRYLIC COLOUR 500ml METALLIC YELLOW. 2 Login For Price
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