Paasche Airbrush Accessories

Accessories to suit Paasche Airbrushes.

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PA3B PA3B ^PAASCHE 3B PROPELLANT CAN VALVE. To be screwed to the top of the Paasche propellant can (No.2 or No.17). The braided Paasche air hose can then be attached to the standard 1/4 BSP outlet of the valve. Controls air volume from the can to the airbrush. 2 Login For Price
PA6223 PA6223 PAASCHE 62-2-3 3oz SPRAYER. Operating on relatively low pressure, the 62 sprayer efficiently sprays glazes, fixatives, medium consistency lacquers, varnishes and enamels. It handles the application needs which fall between an airbrush and a spray gun. Used by ceramists, decorators, artists, crafters and hobbyists. Model 62-2-3 Sprayer for medium consistency fluids Includes 1 x 62-2-3 sprayer, 1 x 3oz bottle and 1 x parts list. N.B. Connect the Paasche 62 Sprayer to the compressor in the following order. compressor + Paasche 6' or 12' airbrush hose +DB-40 adapter + Paasche 62 sprayer. 2 Login For Price
PAA186 PAA186 *PAASCHE A-1/8 inch X 6 FOOT (1.83m) BRAIDED HOSE. Braided cotton covered PVC 8 ft hose which has a unique Paasche fitting at the airbrush end & a standard 1/4 BSP fitting at the air source end. It connects directly to the Paasche Airbrush and the other end connected directly to a compressor with a 1/4Inch Male BSP outlet. 0 Login For Price
PAMT PAMT PAASCHE MT MOISTURE TRAP ONLY. Removes moisture from the air hose when fitted in the hose close to the airbrush. If moisture is not removed it will cause spattering. Should be used with Old Master and Paasche air hoses. Note: Hose must be cut to fit moisture trap. 0 Login For Price
PAV62 PAV62 #PAASCHE H/VL WRENCH ONLY. Small wrench suitable for use on all 'H' and 'VL' models. 1 Login For Price
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