Rowney Cryla Acrylic Brushes

Designed for acrylic painting, all Cryla brushes have natural-look synthetic fibres that offer good even performance and strong levels of durability. They also feature a titanium/silver finish, seamless ferrule and coloured handle that retain the Cryla marbled finish. The synthetic bristles are excellent for use with all heavy bodied acrylics and come to fine point and chisel edge every time. Cryla Short Handle Round brushes have excellent spring and pointing characteristics. Good for detail as well as fluid 'watercolour' applications.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
204015075 204015075 *CRYLA ACRYLIC BRUSH-SHORT HANDLE FLAT GLAZE 3/4in. 14 Login For Price
204015125 204015125 *CRYLA ACRYLIC BRUSH-SHORT HANDLE FLAT GLAZE 1.25in 38 Login For Price
204020008 204020008 *CRYLA ACRYLIC BRUSH-LONG HANDLE ROUND Size 8. 5 Login For Price
204020010 204020010 *CRYLA ACRYLIC BRUSH-LONG HANDLE ROUND Size 10 90 Login For Price
204025006 204025006 *CRYLA ACRYLIC BRUSH-LONG HANDLE FLAT Size 6 19 Login For Price
204040014 204040014 *CRYLA ACRYLIC BRUSH-LONG HANDLE BROAD Size 14 24 Login For Price
204040016 204040016 *CRYLA ACRYLIC BRUSH-LONG HANDLE BROAD Size 16. 31 Login For Price
204045006 204045006 *CRYLA ACRYLIC BRUSH-LONG HANDLE FAN BLENDER Size 6. 1 Login For Price
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