Rowney Aquafine Brushes

A comprehensive range of soft synthetic and natural hair brushes, ideal for watercolourists. Oozing style and quality, the soft synthetic or natural filaments contrast with the black shadow ferrule and black handle creating a brush that looks as good as it paints. Available in short handled options, Aquafine brushes offer excellent performance in the hands of beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
221024000 221024000 AQUAFINE WATERCOLOUR BRUSH - POINTED WASH Size 0 5 Login For Price
221085026 221085026 AQUAFINE WATERCOLOUR BRUSH- POINTED ROUND Size 26. 9 Login For Price
282021150 282021150 ROWNEY AQUAFINE SYNTHETIC ONE STROKE Size 1.5. 3 Login For Price
282085018 282085018 ROWNEY AQUAFINE AF85 ROUND Size 18. 3 Login For Price
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