Rowney Dalon Brushes

Dalon is the first real rival to the sable brush. It is a remarkable man-made brush that imitates sable hair. Each Dalon filament is extruded and tapered to a point, just like natural hair. The construction of the brush head is meticulously hand crafted with exactly the same care and attention as Daler-Rowney Sable brushes. Dalon's high resilience and durability ensures excellent shape retention and long life and can be used equally well with oils, acrylics and watercolours. Dalon fills the demand for a brush with a very similar performance to Sable but at a fraction of the cost. Dalon Round brushes have good spring and pointing characterisitics.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
206077006 206077006 *DALER-ROWNEY DALON D77 GOLDEN SABLE BRUSH- ROUND Size 6. 4 Login For Price
206077012 206077012 *DALER-ROWNEY DALON D77 GOLDEN SABLE BRUSH- ROUND Size 12. 8 Login For Price
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