Daler-Rowney Graduate Oil Colour

Daler-Rowney Graduate Oils has a new improved formulation. This modern formula is ideal for beginners, less time needed to mix and no need for extra linseed oil.
Traditionally crafted in England with a soft buttery consistency and high pigment loading. Excellent brushability suitable for smooth brush applications and impasto. Surface is dry to a uniform low gloss sheen within 3-5 days. Quicker drying time allows more to be done to the painting and opens up new creative possibilities. All colours have been specially formulated and stability tested to ensure the colours will last. High quaility sunflower and purified linseed oils have been used in Titainum White, Zinc White and Silver to reduce yellowing and increase colour strength. All colours with 3* or 4* permanence rating.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
117038120 117038120 *GRADUATE OIL 38ml PRIMARY BLUE. 43 Login For Price
117038230 117038230 *GRADUATE OIL 38ml COPPER 11 Login For Price
117038352 117038352 *GRADUATE OIL 38ml HOOKERS GREEN. 1 Login For Price
117038409 117038409 *GRADUATE OIL 38ml PERMANENT MAGENTA. 3 Login For Price
117038450 117038450 *GRADUATE OIL 38ml VIOLET 6 Login For Price
117038540 117038540 *GRADUATE OIL 38ml PRIMARY RED. 15 Login For Price
117038588 117038588 *GRADUATE OIL 38ml VERMILION HUE. 10 Login For Price
117038618 117038618 *GRADUATE OIL 38ml CADMIUM YELLOW DEEP. The pigments in Cadmium colours can be toxic if not handled correctly. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR STUDENTS. 3 Login For Price
117038631 117038631 *GRADUATE OIL 38ml YELLOW ORANGE. 14 Login For Price
117038675 117038675 *GRADUATE OIL 38ml PRIMARY YELLOW. 12 Login For Price
117120450 117120450 *GRADUATE OIL COLOUR 120ml VIOLET. 4 Login For Price
117200230 117200230 *GRADUATE OIL 200ml COPPER. 7 Login For Price
117200450 117200450 *GRADUATE OIL 200ml VIOLET 2 Login For Price
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