Marabu Chalky-Chic

Marabu Chalky-Chic is a range of paints, mediums, varnishes, glue, spray paints etc that can be used to easily transform furniture, boxes, vases into unique and unmistakable objects. The Ultra matt, water-based, smudge proof and velvety soft Chalky-Chic paints provide good coverage and are ideal for working on wood, MDF, papier mâché, glass, metal, paper, ceramic, porcelain, earthenware, canvas, plastic. Smudge-proof and weather resistant

Marabu Safety Data Sheets

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
MC261087 MC261087 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC PAINT 6x100ml Tube SET. Contains 1 x 100ml tube each of Ebony, Edelweiss, Mistletoe, Stone Grey, Powder Pink and Light Blue. 4 Login For Price
MC261090 MC261090 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC SET - VINTAGE BOX. Contains 1 x 100 ml each of Edelweiss and Antique Violet, 1 x wooden box with photo heart (15x15x7cm), 1 x size 20 brush, 1 x sanding paper and instructions. 4 Login For Price
MC261134 MC261134 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC PAINT 100ml - POWDER PINK 1 Login For Price
MC261144 MC261144 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC PAINT 100ml - LIGHT BLUE. 1 Login For Price
MC261175 MC261175 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC PAINT 100ml - EBONY. 5 Login For Price
MC261212 MC261212 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC PAINT 225ml - PASTEL YELLOW 3 Login For Price
MC261213 MC261213 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC PAINT 225ml-VANILLA 1 Login For Price
MC261214 MC261214 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC PAINT 225ml - GINGER 1 Login For Price
MC261220 MC261220 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC PAINT 225ml - SALMON 5 Login For Price
MC261234 MC261234 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC PAINT 225ml - POWDER PINK 3 Login For Price
MC261235 MC261235 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC PAINT 225ml - ANTIQUE VIOLET 1 Login For Price
MC261240 MC261240 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC PAINT 225ml - GREY BLUE 4 Login For Price
MC261244 MC261244 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC PAINT 225ml - LIGHT BLUE 4 Login For Price
MC261248 MC261248 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC PAINT 225ml - LAGOON 3 Login For Price
MC261259 MC261259 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC PAINT 225ml - MISTLETOE 4 Login For Price
MC261261 MC261261 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC PAINT 225ml - COCOA 2 Login For Price
MC261269 MC261269 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC PAINT 225ml - STONE GREY 1 Login For Price
MC261275 MC261275 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC PAINT 225ml - EBONY 1 Login For Price
MC262866 MC262866 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC 225ml - PRIMER 4 Login For Price
MC263112 MC263112 Login For Price
MC263134 MC263134 MARABU CHALKY-CHIC SPRAY PAINT 400ml POWDER PINK. . 4 Login For Price
MC263135 MC263135 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC SPRAY PAINT 400ml Antique Voilet 1 Login For Price
MC263144 MC263144 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC SPRAY PAINT 400ml Light Blue 6 Login For Price
MC263148 MC263148 *MARABU CHALKY-CHIC SPRAY PAINT 400ml Lagoon 2 Login For Price
MC263159 MC263159 MARABU CHALKY-CHIC SPRAY PAINT 400ml - MISTLETOE. 6 Login For Price
MC263169 MC263169 MARABU CHALKY-CHIC SPRAY PAINT 400ml - STONE GREY. 3 Login For Price
MC263171 MC263171 MARABU CHALKY-CHIC SPRAY PAINT 400ml - EDELWEISS. 6 Login For Price
MC263175 MC263175 MARABU CHALKY-CHIC SPRAY PAINT 400ml - EBONY. 1 Login For Price
MC263850 MC263850 MARABU CHALKY-CHIC SprayPaint 400ml - MATT VARNISH. 4 Login For Price
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