Jovi Facepaint+Make-Up

A range of high quality products with a smooth texture, suitable for children 3 years+
The face paint is made with cosmetic pigments that give good coverage. They can be applied directly onto the face, without having to use a foundation cream first. They are very heat resistant and comply with all safety regulations.
The Make-Up Cream can be applied using fingers, a sponge or a paint brush (the ideal tool for making profiles and details by mixing the cream with water). Both can be removed easily with make-up remover or soap.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
JV00172 JV00172 *JOVI MAKEUP CREAM TUB SET 5x30ml 59 Login For Price
JV0017302 JV0017302 *JOVI MAKEUP CREAM TUB 30ml YELLOW 5 Login For Price
JV0017305 JV0017305 *JOVI MAKEUP CREAM TUB 30ml RED. 5 Login For Price
JV0017309 JV0017309 *JOVI MAKEUP CREAM TUB 30ml BROWN 103 Login For Price
JV0017311 JV0017311 *JOVI MAKEUP CREAM TUB 30ml DARK GREEN 100 Login For Price
JV0017313 JV0017313 *JOVI MAKEUP CREAM TUB 30ml DARK BLUE. 6 Login For Price
JV0017337 JV0017337 *JOVI MAKEUP CREAM TUB 30ml SILVER. 60 Login For Price
JV0017338 JV0017338 *JOVI MAKEUP CREAM TUB 30ml GOLD. 59 Login For Price
JV00175 JV00175 ^JOVI MAKEUP STICKS SET (10x60mm) This set contains 1 each black, white, red, yellow and blue. 15 Login For Price
JV00176 JV00176 JOVI MAKEUP STICKS SET (10x60mm) Set 10 x5.6g. 58 Login For Price
JV00191 JV00191 JOVI TWIST MAKEUP PAINT STICKS Set 6 ASSORTED COLOURS. One stick each of white, yellow, red, green, blue and black. 15 Login For Price
JV0019101 JV0019101 *JOVI TWIST MAKEUP PAINT STICK WHITE BOX 5. 5 Login For Price
JV0019102 JV0019102 *JOVI TWIST MAKEUP PAINT STICK YELLOW BOX 5. 9 Login For Price
JV0019105 JV0019105 *JOVI TWIST MAKEUP PAINT STICK RED BOX 5. 6 Login For Price
JV0019111 JV0019111 *JOVI TWIST MAKEUP PAINT STICK GREEN BOX 5. 10 Login For Price
JV0019113 JV0019113 *JOVI TWIST MAKEUP PAINT STICK BLUE BOX 5. 9 Login For Price
JV0019115 JV0019115 *JOVI TWIST MAKEUP PAINT STICK BLACK BOX 5. 3 Login For Price
JV00193 JV00193 JOVI TWIST MAKEUP PAINT STICK 5x6 COLOUR DISPLAY. Jovi counter display unit stocked with 5 each of 6 colours. Colours included are black, white, green, blue, red and yellow. 3 Login For Price
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