Daler-Rowney Oil Paint Mediums

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114007014 114007014 DALER-ROWNEY PURIFIED LINSEED OIL 75ml. Reduces the consistency of oil colour and slows down the drying time. In its raw state, it gives colour a high gloss. Diluted 50/50 with turpentine or low odour thinners, it creates an excellent medium for most types of painting. 0 Login For Price
114007016 114007016 DALER-ROWNEY ENGLISH TURPENTINE 75ml. 0 Login For Price
114007024 114007024 DALER-ROWNEY LOW-ODOUR OIL THINNER 75ml 0 Login For Price
114017010 114017010 *Rowney RETOUCH VARNISH 175ml. This versatile varnish is used to bring back the original paint qualityof dry or dull oil. Retouching Varnish is reduced with solvents and is much thinner than final top coat varnishes. 2 Login For Price
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