Richeson 'Jackson' Watercolours

These quality watercolour sets are high in pigment concentration and ground very fine. Very transparent when thinned with water, yet retaining a high degree of brilliance and easy mixability. Will not leave streaks or patches 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
JR400079 JR400079 *JACKSON JUNIOR 8 WATERCOLOUR PAN SET-DISPLAY BOX OF 36These junior mini paint sets contain 8 non-toxic watercolour pans plus a small brush contained within a colourful, attractive tin. Conforms to ASTM D4236. 15 Login For Price
JR400099 JR400099 JACK RICHESON PAN WATERCOLOUR TIN SET 12. 12 large 16x35mm pans in white, gamboge hue, yellow ochre, leaf green, hooker's green, french ultramarine, prussian blue, vermilion hue, crimson, burnt sienna, van dyke brown and black plus a fine quality taklon brush. 681 Login For Price
JR400110 JR400110 RICHESON OVAL WATERCOLOR SET-12Assorted. Contains 12 discs each 30mm diameter x 4mm thick, plus a white Taklon watercolour brush. 393 Login For Price
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