Maimeri Acrylic Mediums

Maimeri Heavy Gloss Gel is a colourless acrylic base with high viscosity. When added to colours it increases their viscosity giving a high gloss finish. Useful for thick (impasto) techniques as it makes the colour more flexible and extremely easy to mould with palette knives. Permanent when dry.

The Polycolor Gesso range is water-based and is recommended before the application of Polycolor acrylic colours. They can be applied to any support and can be further diluted with water if desired. To achieve optimum results, two coats should be applied at least an hour apart. The Gesso does not crack or flake off and the film is uniform and compact.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
MM5834629 MM5834629 *MAIMERI HEAVY GLOSS MEDIUM 500ml. 5 Login For Price
PC5834695 PC5834695 *POLYCOLOR ACRYLIC GESSO 500ml WARM WHITE. 3 Login For Price
PC5834698 PC5834698 *POLYCOLOR ACRYLIC GESSO 500ml IVORY. 9 Login For Price
PC5840695 PC5840695 *POLYCOLOR ACRYLIC GESSO 1ltr-WHITE. 3 Login For Price
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