Sakura Chinese Watercolours

Sakura Traditional Chinese painting colors are made in Shanghai, China by a Japanese joint venture for Chinese brush painting. They are produced in a graceful and steady hue of color with fine texture and manufactured with a new artificial binding glue instead of animal glue, The new Sakura Chinese watercolour glue does not leak from or dry in the tube.These colours feature outstanding preservation stability.are permanent, lightfast and water-resistant after drying. Available in sets of 12 and 24 beautiful Chinese painting colours made from traditional pigments and can be applied on rice paper, mulberry paper, hemp paper, watercolour paper, silk, canvas, wood and timber.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
XTCW12 XTCW12 SAKURA CHINESE WATERCOLOUR SET 12x12ml. Contains one 12ml tube each of titanimu white, gamboge, ochre, cinnabar, vermilion, eosin, rouge, malachite green 3, azurite blue 3 phthalo blue, indigo and black. 14 Login For Price
XTCW24 XTCW24 SAKURA CHINESE WATERCOLOUR SET 24x12ml. Contains one 12ml tube each of titanium white, gamboge, mineral yellow, mineral golden yellow, ochre, dark brown, cinnabar, vermilion, bright red, eosin, dark red, rouge, purple, emerald green, malachite green 1, malachite green 3, azurite blue 3, azurite blue 1, china blue, ultramarine, phthalo blue, indigo, black and gold. 22 Login For Price
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