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BRUF1YE *BRUSH/FINGER PAINT 1Ltr YELLOW. These are different to other water based paints because they use safe pigments rather than dyes. The pigments are dispersed in an edible food grade starch and the colours are thick to avoid spills and runs. Kidz colours meet all Australian Government and regulatory requirements for toxicity levels. All colours intermix cleanly. 1 Login For Price
CSC500MA *CHROMA SCHOOL COLOUR 500ml MAGENTA. Specifically developed for primary and junior high school students. Chroma school is non-toxic and comes in 12 strong and vibrant, intermixable colours. It is flexible, water resistant and dries fast to a smooth, satin finish. Chroma school acrylics never need shaking or stirring and will not separate in the bottle. Great for acrylic painting, silk screening and block printing, it can be used with all Chromacryl mediums. Cleans up easily with soap and water. 9 Login For Price
DERF60RE Brilliant poster colours used to supplement acrylic painting techniques when fluorescent highlights are desired. Can be intermixed with the Derivan range of acrylic colours on the same palette to produce brighter colour effects. Possesses the qualities and flow characteristics of the standard students range. NLA
GAC2WB ^GLOBAL ACCLAIM ACRYLIC 2 Ltr WARM BLUE. Acclaim artroom acrylic brings the fun back into the art room. The 19 vibrant colours and easy to handle 2 litre bottles make this an ideal paint not only for the classroom, but for any student project. Suitable for a range of applications including textile painting, stencil painting, potato and bark printing, marbling, woodcuts, lift-offs and transfers. Acclaim artroom acrylic conforms to Australian safety standards for childrens paints. Washes out of clothing in warm soapy water (when paint has not dried). 1 Login For Price
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