Aerosol Fixatives

Give clear and permanent protection to your work.  These fixatives have been specially formulated for use with pencil, pastel, chalk, charcoal, watercolours, tempera and ink.  Will not alter your technique or affect the surface of even the finest art papers or boards. 

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
CRYKF HELMAR ARTISTS FIXATIVE AEROSOL 400g. Does not curl thin paper. Acid-free. 12 Login For Price
FIXA MICADOR AEROSOL FIXATIVE 450g. Dries with a workable tooth to accept additional media. 44 Login For Price
MC231862 MARABU AEROSOL SPRAY FIXATIVE 400ml. Touch-resistant and will not yellow. 8 Login For Price
NAFIX NUART AEROSOL FIXATIVE 350g. Suitable for mixed media or wash work. 476 Login For Price
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