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The table easel is great for artists who have limited space or who work on a medium-scale. They are suitable for oil, acrylic and watercolour and most feature a tilting facility to create the ideal working angle.

Item Code Description Available Qt Price Qt
AE010 WEBER ANGELINA TABLE EASEL WITH CARRY BAG. Manufactured from black anodised aluminium. The wings can be adjusted to support larger art or display materials and the collapsible back leg allows angle of easel to be easily adjusted. The entire easel folds compactly into a small bag [included] with shoulder strap. Support stretched canvases to 16 x 20" plus paper pads backing boards and canvas boards up to 24 x36". 90 Login For Price
JALT43 JULLIAN ALUMINIUM TABLE EASEL WITH WINGS. Aluminium table easel with adjustable wings. Folds and unfolds easily. Rubber feet make it stable. Overall height is 43 cms and will take a maximum canvas height of 61cms. 202 Login For Price
JBS47 JULLIAN BEECHWOOD BOOKSTAND EASEL. Adjustable bookstand easel with 5 positions including fully horizontal for watercolour. Canvas holder adjusts in height up to 47 cms. It has rubber feet for stability and is made from oiled beechwood. 27 Login For Price
JDLT JULLIAN DE LUXE TRAVEL EASEL. The perfect travel easel. Manufactured from oiled beechwood with brass plated fittings it features a genuine leather handle, name tag holder and natural linen shoulder strap. The metal lined drawer features, removable, adjustable dividers. Will accommodate canvases up to 86cm in height. Overall dimensions - 340 x 290 x 110mm. Weight 4kg. 0 Login For Price
JT1 JULLIAN SMALL FIXED TABLE EASEL. Manufactured from oiled beechwood this is the smallest tabel easel in the JULLIAN range. Will accommodate stretched canvas up to 8x10 (203x254mm) in landscape format. Can also be used as a small display easel. Overall height is 270mm with a 200mm wide fixed canvas holder. 29 Login For Price
JT2 JULLIAN MINI STUDIO TABLE EASEL. Manufactured from oiled beechwood this mini JULLIAN studio table easel will accommodate stretched canvas up to 12x16 (305x406mm) in landscape format. The fixed angle position makes it ideal for painting or display. Overall dimensions - 140mm deep x 160mm wide x 450mm high. 12 Login For Price
JT3 JULLIAN FOLDING TABLE EASEL. Manufactured from oiled beechwood this folding JULLIAN tripod table easel features height adjustment to accommodate stretched canvas up to 24 (600mm) in height. All legs are rubber tipped and the movable rear leg is used to adjust the angle of the item being worked upon or displayed. Overall dimensions - 400mm wide and folding down to a compact 600mm long package for easy storage. 25 Login For Price
JT4 JULLIAN STUDIO TABLE EASEL. Manufactured from oiled beechwood this adjustable JULLIAN studio table easel features an upper canvas holder to accommodate stretched canvases up to 60cm in height. The easel canvas frame is hinged at the base and the working angle adjustable making it suitable for painting and displays. Overall dimensions - 340mm deep x 290mm wide and 700mm high to a maximum height of 1070mm when fully extended.. 50 Login For Price
JT5 JULLIAN ALL-PURPOSE FLAT TABLE EASEL. This convenient table easel is manufactured from premium European oiled beechwood an easily set up on any flat surface. The mast of the easel extends to hold canvas up to 61 cm high. Three plastic anti-skid feet add stability and protect table surfaces. This tabletop easel is compact folding to just 46 x 27 x 5cm - ideal for those artists with limited workspace. 16 Login For Price
SFE0034 BASIC BEECHWOOD TABLE BOX EASEL. Manufactured from Beechwood. Will hold canvases up to 60cm. Measures 26 x 39 x 12.7cm 0 Login For Price
SFE0053 SMALL ADJUSTABLE BEECHWOOD TABLE EASEL. Beechwood table easel measuring 13 x 16 x 37cm. Will hold canvases up to 26cm. 46 Login For Price
SFE0058 BEECHWOOD TABLE EASEL. Adjustable Beechwood table easel measuring 28 x 32 x 96cm. Will hold canvases up to 53cm. 0 Login For Price
SFE0157 CHILDRENS TABLE-TOP EASEL WITH PAPER ROLL. Kids easel with one side dry erase whiteboard and the other a blackboard for chalk etc. Includes paper roll. Measures 43 x 43 x 32cm. 20 Login For Price
TABER53 *BEECHWOOD TABLE EASEL TO SUIT 53cm CANVAS Quality beechwood table easel to hold stretched canvases and panels up to 53cm in height. When in use it is supported on a 28x32cm H frame base with a fully extended mast height of 96cm. 0 Login For Price
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